Treasure Hunts

Trouble motivating the troops?

Try a pirate treasure hunt to create some excitement! Yo ho ho, thrill of the chase, and all that.

Power Puzzle has 4-set worksheets that contain secret message, using PigPen code and written in pirate-rhyme. These are actually instructions on where to find treasure - somewhere in your own home!

Parents can decide what the reward will be: candy or a sweet, a toy or note, or maybe even a reward voucher for a special treat (such as being able to choose a movie or staying up a half hour past bedtime). The completed worksheet will reveal the location of the loot - just be sure to hide the prize for your scavengers to find!

Crack the Pirate Code!

TH Code 0 ANS.png

More Treasure Hunts (non-Pirate):


The following treasure hunts use the locations:

  1. behind the sofa

  2. near the TV

  3. under your pillow