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Not Just Another Worksheet

Let's face it. As a parent, we've all been there.​


  • "But Mom, I already have lots of homework!"​


  • "Not another worksheet..."​


  • "I need a break!"​


Sound familiar?​


Although kids often need additional practice, they usually are not in the mood for extra work. You can download lots of free worksheets from the Internet, but they often just end up being drill-and-kill.​


But if the worksheet has a built-in reward - a joke, a treat, or a fun activity - your child might just ASK for it.​


Even on a weekend!

Building Motivation

Studying can be hard, and doing extra practice can have its rewards... in the long run.

The problem is, children are more focused on the immediate. What's happening in the here and now. Motivation is created when kids learn things for themselves and discover it on their own. It's a great feeling to break a secret code or to find a hidden answer - especially when they do it on their own.

Power Puzzles all have a surprise inside, a tangible incentive (treat, joke, fun activity) for taking on a little extra practice. 

Don't worry. They can learn about deferred gratification another day.

Meanwhile, let's do some math.

PS 37 Twisted Sample g_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Self-Correcting Worksheets

Okay, great.

So I've got a puzzle that my child is eagerly solving.

How do I know if her answers are correct? Or if he did it the right way? Do I have to mark it myself? Is there an answer key?

No worries. If a Power Puzzle is done correctly, the answers can be found in a Word Search grid or will spell out the punch-line of a corny joke. They might even reveal the location of hidden treasure. If the payoff to your puzzle makes sense, then you know that the answers are correct!

It's as simple as that.

(and there are answer keys, too!)

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