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This puzzle caught my eye because students use their answers to solve a joke! What a great idea. This is well-written and makes geography fun! A key is also included. Thank you!

World Geography - Landlocked Countries
Listbusters, Free Sample

Sarah A.  -  Teacher, Grade 4

I used this for morning work and it was an engaging intro to the day for my students.

Nicole B.  -  Teacher, Grade 3

Great for after assessments at the beginning of year!

Education APPLEcation  -  
Grade 4 Education Professional

My students loved completing this fun Word Search! They loved getting know the capitals of more than just our country!

Perfect for practice!

Great review to the end of our unit.

This resource was engaging for the students. This is great for morning work or early finishers.

Super! Most of the students who borrowed the story sack did this activity, and they enjoyed it.

5 stars - extremely satisfied.

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