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Practice division (with decimal answers) with these 3-set worksheets. Find the surprise answer inside!


After dividing, students get to look for their answers in a number search grid.


Students enjoy word and number searches, and this follow-up activity tells students whether or not their answers are correct. If you can find your answer then you know you are right. It's positive reinforcement! And if your answer is not in the grid then it is probably incorrect. This acts as a SELF-CHECK, and you immediately know if you are right or not. No need to wait for a teacher or parent to grade your work!


This is more than just finding words in a list - you have some thinking to do!


3 worksheets in this set. Answer keys are provided.


Power Search is Word Search with a twist!

We give the clues - You find the answers!

Division with a Decimal Answer, Math (Grade 6)

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