Treasure Hunt (Set 6)
  • Treasure Hunt (Set 6)

    Trouble motivating the troops?


    Try a Pirate Treasure Hunt to create some excitement!  Yoho ho, thrill of the chase, and all that.


    Power Puzzle uses PigPen coding to create worksheets that contain secret messages, written in pirate-rhyme, which are actually instructions on where to find treasure - in your own home!


    Parents can decide what the reward will be: candy or a sweet, a toy or a note, or maybe even a reward voucher for a special treat (maybe choosing a movie or staying up a half hour past bedtime.) The completed worksheet will reveal the location of the loot - just be sure to hide the prize for your scavengers to find!


    Power Puzzle has different puzzle sets with a variety of spots. Set #6 locations are:


    • in the Silverware Drawer, by the Spoons

    • near a Clock

    • beside a Green Plant


    Be sure to choose a set that has these locations in your home so you can hide the treasure! If a location is not a convenient hiding spot, you can always leave a small note there directing the pirate-search elsewhere.


    All worksheet sets come with instructions and answer keys.


    Ready to go? Let’s get cracking!