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Trouble motivating the troops?


Try a treasure Hunt to create some excitement!  Crack the code, thrill of the chase, and all that.


This set of 3 uses worksheets that contain secret coded messages, which are actually instructions on where to find treasure - in your own home!


How to solve these puzzles: Grade 1 Math (plus & minus)


Parents can decide what the reward will be: candy or a sweet, a toy or a note, or maybe even a reward voucher for a special treat (maybe choosing a movie or staying up a half hour past bedtime.) The completed worksheet will reveal the location of the loot - just be sure to hide the prize for your code-breakers to find!


This worksheet set has 3 locations to find treasure:


  • behind the sofa

  • near the TV

  • under your pillow


Be sure you have these locations in your home so you can hide the treasure! If a location is not a convenient hiding spot, you can always leave a small note there directing the search elsewhere.


All worksheet sets come with instructions and answer keys.


Ready to go? Let’s get cracking!

Treasure Hunt (with Grade 1 math)

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