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Power Search

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Not as easy as you think

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Word Searches are fun, but do they really help us learn? Or are they more of a diversion?

It doesn't have to be that way.


A Power Search puzzle hides words in a grid, and then gives clues what to look for.

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Check out the following free puzzle:


7 Central Asian capitals are hidden in the grid, but the student is only given the name of each country. You might need to test your memory or grab a map!


Challenge accepted!

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Maps, mobile phones, and Internet searches are allowed.


As long as your kids are learning, right?

Want More?

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'Stan Capitals:

       Central Asia  Free Sample!

World Capitals:

       Caribbean, South America, Middle East,

       Oceania  $3.95

Scrambled Islands:

       The world's largest islands  $1.45

Most Populous Countries:

       Population explosion!  $1.45

Lonely Landlocked Countries:

       Only 1 or 2 neighbors  $1.45

Countries with Only One Border:

       Stepping over the line  $1.45

Telling Time:

Various Puzzles (take me there!)


Various Puzzles (take me there!)

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