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Telling Time

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Learning to tell time can be tricky. 

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Why not make it fun, instead?

Power Search puzzles combine telling time questions with Word Search answers! Students get practice telling time, then find their answers in a number grid. It's a fun pay-off, and it helps them check if their answers are correct.

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tq 1 w1.png
tq 2 w1.png
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3 red.png
tq 6 w1.png
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tq 5 w1.png
3 red.png
3 red.png
tq 3 w1.png
1 red.png
tq 0 w1.png
tq 4 w1.png
3 red.png
Try it and see 2 tan.jpg

(well, maybe not the word problems...)

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