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Puzzles.  Prizes.  Power.

Power Puzzles are fun and engaging worksheets with a surprise inside! Maybe it's buried treasure or a secret message with a fun reward. It might be a funny joke or an answer hidden in a Word Search grid. It could even be a combination that unlocks a prize box...

Complete the worksheet to find out!

We've got you covered:

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This is what learning looks like!

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Power Puzzle has hundreds of worksheets in different student age-ranges for all sorts of topics.


Grouped by topic or grade.

Let's get started!

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Not as easy as you think

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All kids love Word Searches.

Just look in a grid and find all the words in a list, right?

Not so fast - Power Searches are puzzles with a twist! You've got a little work to do before you start searching.

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Yes-No know-how

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A Daffynition is a funny definition of a common word or phrase.

Sometimes unexpected, often corny, these playful puns can put a new spin on a quirky quiz.

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Singapore Mandarin

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Heard of Singapore Math?


Now get ready for Singapore Mandarin!

Both Pin Yin and English Translation


MOE-aligned curriculum.

"Dad Jokes"

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Think inside the box.

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Power Trip tests a subject - geography, math, astronomy - with a quotation. It might be humorous or it might be inspirational. But, either way, it will make your students think.

And that's the goal, isn't it?

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Crowd control

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Think you know your countries and capitals? Or which countries are landlocked, or border the Pacific?

Could you spot them in a crowd?


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