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Puzzles.  Prizes.  Power.

Power Puzzles are fun and engaging worksheets with a surprise inside! Maybe it's buried treasure or a secret message with a fun reward. It might be a funny joke or an answer hidden in a Word Search grid. It could even be a combination that unlocks a prize box...

Complete the worksheet to find out!

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Our Signature Puzzle!

All kids love Word Searches.

Just look in a grid and find all the words in a list, right?

Not so fast - Power Searches are puzzles with a twist! You've got a little work to do before you start searching.

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Yes-No know-how.

A Daffynition is a funny definition of a common word or phrase.

Sometimes unexpected, often corny, these playful puns can put a new spin on a quirky quiz.

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Think inside the box.

Power Trip tests a subject - geography, math, astronomy - with a quotation. It might be humorous or it might be inspirational. But, either way, it will make your students think.

And that's the goal, isn't it?

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Crowd control.

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Think you know your countries and capitals? Or which countries are landlocked, or border the Pacific?

Could you spot them in a crowd?

Best Sellers:

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Mr. Will began constructing puzzles several years ago for his homeschooled kids, who are now running around in the Singapore public school system trying to figure out Singapore Math.  He found that there was more motivation if his puzzles had a surprise inside - maybe a corny joke, a wicked Word Search, or a secret message revealing a location where his kids could find a hidden treat. This collection of puzzles eventually found their way online and became Power Puzzle, a place where teachers, tutors, and homeschool parents can find fun worksheets to supplement their kid's curriculum. Or maybe just give them a little extra practice.

Mr. Will is originally from Seattle, holds an MBA in International Finance from Columbia, and has lived in Asia for over 30 years, which is a puzzle in itself.

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